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10 Questions with Vanessa Dew, Co-Founder of Health-Ade

Today we are so excited to share our interview with Vanessa Dew, Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer of Health-Ade. Read on to find out how your favorite kombucha company came to be, what Vanessa’s day to day looks like, and the greatest lessons she has learned along the way! Q: Could you tell us a
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Highlight: Britt Gates-Kayyem, Founder of Salvage Lifestyle

In recent years, the fashion industry’s harmful impact on the environment has become increasingly apparent. Today we are excited to feature Britt Gates-Kayyem, whose experience in the fashion industry changed her perspective and led her to founding Salvage Lifestyle, an up-cycled clothing brand!  Read about her perspective and find out how to purchase a custom
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Highlight: Madi Kahn, Co-founder of Haute Takes

This week on the WYD Blog we are so excited to highlight Madi Kahn, co-founder of the fashion podcast Haute Takes!  Join us and learn about Madi’s passion for the fashion industry, the biggest lessons she’s learned, and how she turned a period of uncertainty into one of growth and creativity. Could you tell us
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