WYD Holiday Edition: The WYD Team!

(Image credit: Joanna Kosinska)

We loved reading all your responses to our WYD holiday giveaways and thought we would share about our favorite holiday traditions and new memories we are creating this year!  If you haven’t entered, our final holiday giveaway is live until tomorrow 12/15!  Head over to our Instagram @wydcommunity to enter!

“Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. The sugared cranberries, cinnamon sticks, and endless supply of hot cocoa only add onto the best part of Christmas—quality family time. It’s one of the only times in the year everybody sets down their work to turn full attention to each other. This joint spirit is what makes Christmas so festive to me.” – Kathleen Chen

“My favorite holiday tradition with our family is celebrating Christmas with our extended family. This tradition dates back to over 40+ years and 80+ guests are in attendance. This is a very special time for our family since a lot of relatives from various states fly in for this festive celebration. Though we are disappointed not to see one another in person, we planned a Zoom celebration/gift exchange to keep the Christmas spirit alive. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a happy and healthy 2021!”- Kelley Lee Gin

“Every year I love driving around with my family to look at different Christmas light displays! We have done this since I was a toddler and always put on Christmas music in the car while admiring all of the beautiful decorations. We were really happy to continue that tradition this year and brought our dogs along for the ride! This year we also baked Christmas cookies and spread some holiday cheer to our friends and neighbors with some sweet treats!” – Rachelle Liu

“Every Christmas, I see both my mom’s and dad’s side of the family – we either attend or throw a big party, put on Christmas tunes, and make gingerbread houses together. At the end of the party, we always do a white elephant gift exchange! Although this Christmas we won’t be able to do the same thing with extended family, I’m really excited to continue the same sort of traditions with my mom, dad, and older sister.” – Caitlin Wu